My spring

This is my very first piece in this year, I get a little bit nervous.
Because besides article, I haven't been writing in english
after I took entrance exam for universities,
I don't think I can write correctly...
You know, I brush up my english here.
If you find miscue, point out and let me know.

Well, I found a national test is getting closer,
and that means my last spring vacation is coming up soon.
So I wonder where I should go.
After I begin to work, I think I cannot take long vacation...
If can, it must be a just short one.
So far, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, China, and New Zealand is enticing.
Except for Laos and China, I haven't went.
I wanna see something which I haven't see,
talk with people who inspire me with new ideas.

I went to Laos last spring, I miss elephant back riding,
and due to just 7 days trip I could go to few back-country towns.
I love asian countryside, that make me feel nostalgic.

I often go China.
Probably 10times for last 5years.
but except only 1time Shanghai, all are Hong Kong trip...
Boy, how much do I love Hong Kong? haha

Moreover I wanna go to dance lesson.
Due to the test, I temporarily stop to go.
I mustn't dance like I did in the movie on my page.

I wanna extend my vacation by a few months!!

You know, to enjoy the vacation, I have to study harder...

It's good to write my ordinary though like this.

I WILL hang in!!

by ryo-ta-n | 2008-01-12 22:14 | 雑記  

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